arch-enemy-the-wold-is-yours.pngHoly Headbanger, Arch enemy dropped a new song on the world. And it is super awesome! When i came across the track on a random youtube voyage, my armhairs stood straight up. That's how good it is. That's why i deciced to make it to a Spotlight entry.

The track is to be part of the new album coming out in early september. And i must say Arch enemy serves this one redhot, they are on fire! Hammering drums and seriously fierce riffs. Not to mention the intimidating grunts of     Alissa who is again growling and screaming till your ears explode. What a throat!  Besides the godly music, another thing stands out, their lyricks. Just as i thought Epica was among the few big ones slicing this type of spiritual matter, Alissa trows this in your face.

Just as an example, this is the chorus:

If you want the world
Use your mind
Take control
Feel the strength
Rise from within
If you really want it the world is yours

The entire lyrics

Check out the track below!

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