fleddymelculy.jpgYes you read that right, this band is called Fleddy Melculy. no spelling mistakes, no typo's. This Belgian collective has been making music and albums for a few years already. Providing no nonsense plain straightforward metal with catchy lyrics, and they do sing in Dutch. For Belgians they don't need an introduction at all but for others out there they are probably new. So a few days ago they just dropped their new single on the net.

And it is about the hypocrisy or unknowingness of a good group of people calling themselves vegetarians. Yet still eating lots of fish. Yes you probably know someone like that in your circle of friends and family. I know i do, and it annoys me every time. So when it dropped on the radio it it immediately rang with me and I liked the song really much. Or maybe its just because the so called alternative(yet silently commercialized) radio stations are not playing any metal anymore and this felt as a breath of fresh air again! 

for all of the above i chose to make it a spotlight for all you Darkviewers out there. Enjoy the song, even if you don't necessarily understand the lyrics. It's a good groove, someone calling out bullshit and education done the right way. 

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