myrkur-rasmus-malmstrom-600-1.jpgWe have already done may pieces about Myrkur. Including several albums and an interview. But afterwards the one woman project of Danish Amalie Bruun slided a bit to the back of our minds. That all changed on Wacken 2016.

I had the luck to view her liveshow with the newest material. And i was blown away by such pure music. She is good on record but live she is in another league entirely. There are not many shows that made my hair rise up on my arms. Therefore i dedicate this spotlight to Myrkur with the song "Onde Børn". Why this one? She has very quiet songs and very hard loud ones. This has the perfect mix of both. It captures the raw agressiveness of norwegian black with her haunting dreamy vocals. It can be very relaxing if you open yourself up to the core of the song. I will not blabber around too much, listen for yourself. 


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