I can hear you thinking, Amy Lee? Yes, remember her? The lead singer of Evanescence has long ago put the band on indefinite hiatus. But she has still kept on producing content of her own.  She has released a soundtrack album 2 years ago called "Aftermath". But up until very recently we have not heard anything of this beautiful lady.

On 27 October she released a cover of Portishead's "Its a Fire" and just 2 days ago she threw a cover online of U2's "With or Without You".  And especially the U2 cover just makes your hair rise up. She essentially has recreated the song in its entirely. Involving slow moving bamylee-withorwithoutyou2.jpgeats and a dark bass line Amy creates a very mysterious introvert song that really stands incredibly strong. Here we get to see the true virtuosity of Amy not only being able to make top notch gothic rock tracks. I will not say anything more for it will tanter this. Just listen and ejoy it yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised!







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