As you scour the vast jungle of youtube. You sometimes come across some really intresting finds. Today i found this funny version of the well known monsterhit Trough The fire and Flames.

 Its recorded in 8 bit and this is quite entertaining. The entire song has been recorded in 8bit soundquality. Mimicing the old gameboy/nintendo sounds of ancient gaming consoles. Why do i hear you ask, did you look this up? I was inspired by the Alestorm hit 1741 (the battle of Cartegena) of the recent "sunset on the golden age" album. Which features an 8bit intro. Although its not metal by traditional definition, it proves an alternate view on songs and offers an unique listening experience. One only has to wonder how the heck did the uploader converted that fiery dragonforce into 8 bit. Apparantly there is an small nichemarket for this kind of stuff. As i found Metallica, SOAD, linkin park and rammstein too among many others. 

It does sound like a funny synth is playing all the time wit weird blips as kickdrums. Apparantly there is a modern variant of this too, with music featuring 8bit-ish sounds in 32bit quality called chiptune. We learn every day.

Enjoy if you want to have a laugh.

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