What was experienced this night, is a story that has to be told. Awesome bands, awesome people and sensation that makes you crave for more. 

The Charm The Fury warmed up the crowd with a very good performance with a solid sound. The crowd however, didn’t participate as much as they should. Lead singer Caroline Westendorp tried to pump up the crowd with all she had, but like I said before, she didn’t get much respons. Maybe because she said it all in Dutch? Who knows, but the band definitely deserved more appreciation. They played 6 songs, 5 from their latest album 'The Sick, Dumb & Happy’. An album where they really stepped up their game compared to the former 2 albums. Closing of the show with ‘Carte Blanche’ from their 2013 album, ‘A Shade of My Former Self’, the band gave the torch to Amaranthe.TCTF1.png

Amaranthe was, was wow… The most organized chaos I’ve ever heard. A clean female vocalist (Elize Ryd), a clean male vocalist (Nils Molin) and a scream vocalist (Henrik Englund), plus a bassist with a broken leg (Johan Andreassen), only one guitar player (Olof Morck) and a heart and soul drummer (Morten Lowe Sorensen) creates this wall of sound that simply blows you away. No false notes were sung or played during the show. After the so called last song, the band went of stage. But the crowd wanted more, the crowed needed more and the crowd got more. A huge applause was given, followed by the whole Trix chanting ‘we want more, we want more’. Johan Andreassen was the first who came back on stage. ’Quitters don’t win and winners aren’t quitters’, he said. Something that couldn't be more true. ‘My mom would be proud, she should see this’ he told us, followed by a 4 song encore by the band. They played their hit songs like ‘Amaranthine’, ‘That Song’, ‘Drop Dead Cynical’, ‘Maximize’, … Closing of with ‘The Nexus’, the crowed was pumped up and ready for Eluveitie.


Eluveitie simply gave you goosebumps. It was scarily good, the way that they brought ‘Catvrix’ and ‘Artio’ was just as if they were chanting something and you were overtaken by some kind of spirit. The lights in the background creating perfect shadows and beams of light, lead singer Chrigel Glanzmann's voice raw and dark, lead singer Fabienne Erni’s voice pure and clean with a vocal range that makes your jaw drop… The celtic gods came upon us and danced to a mix of folk and melodic death metal. 
Being on their ‘Maximum Evocation Tour’, they only played 4 out of 17 songs form the Evocation II album. I expected more songs to be played form that album because the tour name. But furthermore, they slayed the stage with ‘Call of the Mountains’, ‘Nil’, Alain Ackermann’s drum solo, and of course ‘Inis Mona’. (I could list up all the songs here, but let’s not do that). 

Watch Eluveitie play ‘Nil’ live:


After the show, the bands (or certain members of the band) came to the merch stand to talk and take pictures. Nobody rushed or anything, everybody really took the time which lead to awesome conversations. I’m sure a lot of new friendships have been formed that night.

Last but not least: the sound quality that night was awesome! Shout out to the sound tech! 

Eluveitie5.png                                      Eluveitie1.pngEluveitie4.png                 Eluveitie3.png




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