fleddymelculy.jpgSunday Fleddy Melculy entered the stage as one of the last acts on the small podia of Maanrock. And they did not leave Mechelen without being noticed. 

We arrived about 20 minutes before the show was about to start and the square was really filled quite well. And sure there was some police present. But in this day and age of Terror attacks, i am expecting my tax euro's to be doing their jobs. 

So the band comes up about 10 minutes late and starts delivering their show. And a good one i might add. Although the sound guys at the PA had not done their jobs well. The sound was not well checked and setup. But the crowd loved Fleddy Melculy. And some moshing occured regularly. The frontman has some serious lungs, such screams. And the basis looked like he was posessed, headbanging quite violently and fiercly. 

The show ended on time at which you could argue they shortened it by 10 minutes. And nothing happened... on first sight. So everything was good. The crowd didn't notice anything. All good you would assume?

No, as it appeared afterwards. 

Lots of rumours flying around. Even before the show started the band got told it might get cancelled because the police feared something might go out of control. Rumours also got to the band's ears. And they have summed up everything in a live facebook reaction. 


Wherether or not this is true, the rumours remain that crowdsurfers got written down again and may expect some sort of punishment later. What is a fact is there was a security camera constructed on one of the sound systems hanging next to the stage. So you can make an educated guess all those faces are recorded for later use. 

What is even crazier is that some wife and kids families got refused entrance or go anywhere near the square by the police themselves. As if we are all violent people or a security risk. Yes a moshpit can be a bit rough sometimes, but i have never seen kids being pushed in the mosh. they stand away in the back still enjoying the show. 
The next day some local newspaper also wrote the square got sealed off because there was too many people. This is a load of bs, because some people apparantly did not expect to be present at a metal show and left out of their own. Leaving the square a lot spacier at the end than the beginning. As i personally saw with my own eyes. 

So in short, Mechelen did it again, not on the same level but a lot sneakier.

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