Schermafbeelding-2017-05-01-om-18.39.23.pngA 10 day festival in Lokeren, Belgium, that has all the music you want. For every age and every genre, the festival makes sure everybody is welcome and happy. So, who doesn’t want to go to the Lokerse Feesten? 


The day you definitely need to be there: August 6. Why? Because it’s metal day! With top artists such as Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, … All artists who play a few days earlier on Wacken in Germany, but there you pay €220 for three days and that doesn’t include the price you pay to actually get there. The metal day at the Lokerse Feesten will only cost you €49. More than 4 times less and you’ll get a good taste of top artists.

Another day you need to be there: August 9, because that’s the punk rock day! With acts like The Offspring, Less Than Jake and newly announced: Pennywise. All artists that are classics among the punk rock. And again, that for the price of only €39.


They even have a festival day for children with local bands like K3 and Samson & Gert, as well as a local day where local bands perform like Doe Maar and Anouk. Like I said before, Lokerse feesten has something for everybody any size and any age.


Since this year, they also have a campsite, with again many many options. The campsite is located at the back of the train station, a 5 minute walk from the festival and the other way around. For €12 you can bring you own tent and spent the night. You can also rent a 2 to 4 person tent equipped with a mattress and light. Not dragging around your own stuff is a big plus, for only €58 to €116 a day that weight falls off your back. If you want even more luxury, you can rent a hut fully equipped with a bed, blankets and light. A cosy and warm hut for 2 people, for €98 a day.

Worried how to get home and don’t want to spend the night on the campsite? Lokerse Feesten has that covered as well! You can take a shuttle bus to a wide range of train stations and bus stops in Belgium for €7.50.



You don’t have to worry about anything, the festival has everything all planned out for you. So again, why not go?


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