eluveitie1.JPGSunday was a truly big day for the serious folkmetal fans. The Mighty Eluveitie brought along the energetic Arkona and their friends of Skalmold. Originally the gig was shceduled in the Biebob venue. But due to the quick sell-out and the high demand, the organisation moved it to the larger Trix Venue.

So we knew there would be a lot of people. Half an hour before the door opening, a long line of waiting people has already formed. With a second small que at the smart burger stand. Doors opened at 7:00 and half an hour later the fun begins. Skalmold is first to kick off the evening. They deliver a solid performance bucking down on 4 years of experience. Their set consist of a good mixture of old and new songs with a slight focus on their upcoming cd. Which will be released in europe December first. Check our findings about this album.

People are still fairly inactive, which is understandable. Its still early and people are still seeping in. Some headbanging is going on and people start to have some fun. What was annoying was the excessive lightshow with lots of intense rapid lightflashing. By times it was really hard to look at and must have been a total nightmare for photographers.

eluveitie3.JPGNext up was Arkona. They will play a 90min set. Mighty Misha and her band display the absolute best Russia has to offer. They don't make the type of music that makes pit's swirl but sure a lot of heads are going up and down. They make true on their reputation of providing a massive solid set with very good pagan metal. At moments very mysterious and dark storytelling is exchanged with ferocious and epic metal. And apparently misha had a little bit too much coffee. As she was bouncing across the stage very very actively. Again, to catch her on photo was tough work. But when the show was coming at an end, you had a taste for more. With classics as Goi Rode Goi the crowd began to move and became very enthusiastic.

At 21:30 everyone geared up for Eluveitie. The entire venue was filled to the brim with highly enthusiastic people. Both Arkona and Skalmold where very solid warmups for this main act. You noticed everybody was waiting and looking forward to them. Chrigel had no trouble energising the crowd. And from note one, spontaneous moshpitting broke out every now and then. Over the course of the show we also saw some folk moshing, french cancan'ing and a massive wall of death. 
eluveitie4.JPGHowever you could not help but notice not everyone was convinced. Eluveitie mostly tapped from their latest album Origins and it was clear few people where familiar with Origins. The set was filled with the Majority of those songs. Thousandfold, Andro, Nil and Quote the Raven also made it on the list. Only at the very end You had the genuine well known Eluveitie party feeling. Mainly due to Havoc and A rose for Epona. 

But the party did not end there. The crowd was eager to hear some more and stood their ground shouting at the band for more than 4 minutes. Eventually they came back with 2 massive partysongs: Helvetios and Inis Mona. And Lady's and Gentleman, the crowd went wild! Every last ounce of energy and breath where stretched to the limit in one giant mosh and partybuzz. A fitting close to an evening filled with fun, top notch music and lots of beer. 


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