Read more ...An album that takes you back to where people who were different were considered ‘freaks’. ‘Freaks’ that would be put into a circus or into some kind of jail. Let’s not be afraid to show that we’re freaks, that we’re different.

Read more ...Starting from 1999 to 2011, Lost Dreams released an album every two years. In 2011 they took a break and now they’re back with their 6th album ‘Exhale’. This new album is a melodic death metal masterpiece.

Read more ...Wow. This album stands as a tall and wide concrete wall on the floor. A wall that’s impossible to climb over or go around. You will have to face this wall. The wall will be in your way. There will be times when you can’t face the it, times when you don’t see any way around it. What do you do then?

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