Read more ...A very emotional album, is the first thing that comes to mind. Lead singer Jari Maenpaa was suffering form a burnout in 2014, what made him go jogging into the forest to get to himself. This forest tuned into a huge inspiration for this album. Jari said that it didn’t feel right to continue the ‘Time’ series. He put it on a shelf and started fresh. From this fresh start came the most amazing riffs, being told by the 4 seasons. Listen to this album with an open hart, and be attacked by this monster of an album.
The song that represents Spring, ‘Awaken From A Dark Slumber’, starts with the sound of mist. Different animals are lurking around the corner. Half sleepy and half awake. Flowers start to bloom. For a moment the shadows come back to make everything pitch black again, but the world will break free form itself. 
The song that represents Summer, ‘The Forest That Weeps’, has a calming sound in it. It makes you sit back and focus on the music. When the electric guitar kicks in, this song gets an energy boost. Moshing and head banging insured. The song gets a darker side to it, a side that you don’t expect to be there. 
The song that represents Autumn, ‘Eternal Darkness’, is about as dark as a song can get. Deep inside you feel something moving in your body, like this song is talking to your inner Devil. It’s very creepy. With a fast beat it attacks you and you have no way to withstand this evil power that comes out of your speakers and is being absorbed by your soul.
The song that represents Winter, ‘Loneliness’, makes you shiver. It starts very slow and calm. Like the beginning of a storm. You don’t know what’s coming, but you suspect something. Then a low tuned guitar breaks the calm sound. It feels like it sticks to you and you have to drag it along wherever you go. Sadness and loneliness form the centre of this track.

Such strong songs… It breaks right through your ribcage and reaches your heart.  



01 Awaken From A Dark Slumber (Spring)

02 The Forest That Weeps (Summer)

03 Eternal Darkness (Autumn)

04 Loneliness (Winter)



Nuclear Blast








Read more ...  ‘The Rise of Chaos’ single was released on June 28, 2017. Receiving lots of positive reactions and leaving fans moshing in their rooms for a bit longer then a month until the full album was released on August 4.

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