Genocide Pact could be the result of one steamy night out in Washington DC on a  Bolt  Thrower tour in the US twenty years ago with too many willing groupies.

Just to say that it really does sound like the illegitimate child of said stormtroopers of death. This trio started out 4 years ago with their debut ’Forged Through Domination’ Like a bulldozing tank each riff rolls slowly but crushingly across the eight songs. Nothing you haven’t witnessed on the battlefield before, but just as reliable as your own trusted riffle.


1.      Conquered and Disposed

2.      Decimation Grid

3.      Spawn of Suffering

4.      Pain Reprisal

5.      Ascendency Absolved

6.      Structural Dissolution

7.      Authoritarian Impulse

8.      Blood rejection


Label: Relapse





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