Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares goes back a long time, back to the late fifties actually.

It was the result of 15 years of work by Swiss ethnomusicologist Marcel Cellier together with the Bulgarian State Radio & television Female vocal choir to render modern versions of Bulgarian folk songs. The first album was released in 1975 en rereleased a decade later by the renowned indie label 4Ad, home of Dead Can Dance for one. Its music was even included on the gold disc that accompanied the Vogager spacecraft in 1977 in search of extra-terrestrial life.  Out of the blue now has appeared the news of a forthcoming album of which this single is the first peak.  None other than Lisa Gerrard of the aforementioned Dead Can Dance  has lent her magical voice to these two new recordings. ‘Pora Sotunda’ sounds timeless and transcends any and all ethnical boundaries merging sounds from different continents into one enchanting whole.


1.      Pora Sotunda

2.      Ganka


Label: Prophecy




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