It’s been five years since ‘Pandora’s Piñata’, but Sweden’s most eclectic orchestra has lost nothing of its quirks or  humour.

You might already have got a whiff of ‘Pascificticuffs’, way back in 2014 with ‘Jigsaw Hustle’, but  several lineup changed prompted the album proper to only be released now. It’s virtually impossible to pin these swingers down to any one genre. Bluegrass, jazz, latin music, rockabilly, the bolero, progressive metal. You name it and they’ve probably added it somewhere along the line. Even though it’s all done tongue in cheek and lots of un, the compositions themselves are quite intricate. It’s no small feat to throw all these ingredients together with seemingly the greatest of ease and lots of laughs, yet still somehow end up with a memorable song at the end. DSO You gotta love em…


1. Knucklehugs Arm Yourself with Love

2. The age of Vulture Culture

3. Superhero Jagganath

4. vision of the Purblind

5. Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker

6. Jigsaw hustle

7. Pulse of the Incipient

8. Ode to the Innocent

9. Interruption

10.Cul de Sac Semantics

11. Karma Bonfire

12. Climbing the Eyewall

13. Porch of Perception


Label: Candlelight




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