Steve Moore is best known as  being one half of Zombi, a duo with an unhealthy appreciation for soundtracks from horror flicks from  the seventies and eighties.

Besides having a pretty prolific career  with that incarnation, Moore has also released a fair share of solo stiff, which culminated two years ago by writing the actual musical score for the renowned Belgian thriller Cub, a smorgasbord of minimalistic yet eerie synths. This was soon followed by a score for another film ‘The Mind’s Eye’. Now Moore is providing the musical background for ‘Mayhem, a blood soaked slasher comedy starring Steven Yeun aka Glenn from The Walking Dead. There’s nothing funny about Moore’s music though. It’s scary and deadly serious.


1. Welcome to TSC

2. Thank God for the Coffee

3. 9 O Clock

4. Drop of Water

5. Deep Shit

6. File 45A

7. We Are Brave

8. Thumbs Turned

9. The Reaper

10. ID 7

11. Dead Inside

12. The Bull

13. Loophole

14. Two Peppreoni Pizzas

15. Time to Work


17. Extreme Measures

18. On the count of

19.Nevil Reed

20 Allergies

21. Make Your Move


23. Can We Talk

24. Negotiations have Ended

25. No More Bullshit

26. Fuck this Place

27. Up to 11

28. So What Now

29.Irene Smythe

30. Level 3

31. Bullets are for Cowards

32. You Belong Here

33. Surrender

34. Mine’s bigger

35. The King Falls


Label: Relapse



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