Before Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich founded the legendary doom band Saint Vitus, he was part of another outfit who would achieve an equally great cult status, The Obsessed.

Orignally The Obsessed’s fuzzy biker rock sound could not have come at worse time, way back in the early eighties . After many trials they were just about to sign a deal with Metal blade for their debut album when the emerging thrash metal genre all but eclipsed all others. Disillusioned Wino disbanded the Obsessed and started Saint Vitus. Funnily enough, Hellhound records the label that has signed Vitus also saw the sheer quality of the Obsessed and offered to finally release the so called Purple record only to fold shortly after. The band reformed to put out 2 more albums until they split again in 1994. Then in 2011 Wino resurrected them once more for a couple of reunion shows, including a revered performance at the Roadburn festival, which in the end resulted in a new contract with Relapse and earlier this year even a new album  (Sacred’. With interest in Wino’s musical legacy still on a high and the Purple album being pretty hard to find despite several small scale reissues, Relapse has decided to give it a new lease of life with lots of extras.         


1. Tombstone Highway

2. The Way She fly

3. Forever Midnight

4. Ground Out

5. Fear Child

6. Freedom

7. Red Disaster

8. Inner Turmoil

9. River Soul

10. Concrete Cancer

11. Feelingz

12. Mental Kingdom

13. Hiding Masque

14. Ground Out Feelinz

15. Concrete Cancer

16.No Blame

17. Mental Kingdom

18. Tombstone Highway

19.Iron and Stone

20 River of Soul

21. sitting on a Grave I don’t Care


23. Indestroy Kill ugly Naked


Label: Relapse







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