Best of albums are always popular around X-mas as they make ideal gifts for you metal inspired relatives.

Rather than just bundle together some old tracks together, German überthrashers Destruction decided to rerecord of bunch of their classics and give it a bit of a meatier production. That was what Thrash anthems was all about in 2007. Now a decade later, Schmier and co are still very much active, so they’ve decided to unearth more of their old favorites and give them the same treatment. Now, purist or nostalgia junkies will most likely still prefer the old recordings with all their flaws intact, but for a younger generation that might find yesteryear’s low production values challenging, this batch is as good and introduction as any to one to of Thrash ‘s finest representatives.


1. Confused Mind

2. Black Mass

3. Frontbeast

4. Dissatisfied Existence

5. United By Hatred

6. The Ritual

7. Black Death

8. Antichrist

9. Confound Games

10. Rippin' You Off Blind

11. Satan's Vengeance

Label: Nuclear Blast



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