Besides being a tricky tongue twister, the Greek word Dodekathlon represents the 12 heroic works of Hercules, the demigod from the ancient Hellenic world.

Mythology has always been a prime source of inspiration for metal. Often they tend to focus on the Scandinavian sagas, not in the least because a lot of bands simply come from up north. The Dutchmen from Bleeding gods take a somewhat broader perspective. On their previous record they lookedto ward mythology all over the world even as far as  South America, but for the new one they decided to focus on 1 single myth, namely that of Hercules.

For those of you for whom the band moniker does not ring a bell yet, you might recognize Ramon Ploeg at the helm, of the sadly defunct Houwitser. As you might expect there are plenty of traces from the local Dutch scene  in the nineties, but it is also much more. Their mythical topics lend themselves very well for an epic approach with larger than life riffs and a collossos of pathos in the vein of Cradle of Filth, Septic Flesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse.    


1. Bloodguilt

2. Multiple Decapitation

3. Beloved By Artemis

4. From Feast To Beast

5. Inhuman Humiliation

6. Birds Of Hate

7. Saviour Of Crete

8. Tyrannical Blood

9. Seeds Of Distrust

10. Tripled Anger

11. Hera´s Orchard

12. Hound Of Hell


Label: Nuclear Blast



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