An organ sound fills the room with religious feelings. Silence is being spread among everybody who hears the sound. The choir starts to join. Silence turns into dead silence. What will be next?

Next is the title song of this album: ‘Sanctimonious’. And that’s exactly the right name for this album. Lead singer Meister Cagliostro’s voice is high pitched and sounds like an angry priest that’s spreading evil messages that will haunt you for ever. This in combination with the more older style of heavy metal makes this album spit out true horror.  Satanism and occultism surely aren’t strange subjects for this band. 4 years after their previous album ‘The Invocation’, ‘Sanctimonious’ does not disappoint. The chills are still all over my body (and my soul).





01 Iudicium Dei
02 Sanctimonious
03 A Serpent in the Pulpit
04 Penalized
05 Scrupulosity
06 Sinless
07 Die Engelmacherin
08 A Quest for Blood
09 The Hound of Heaven
10. On Choir Stalls
11 Dark Hosanna
12 Born from Sin
13 There is no God

Van Records





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