The first song is not named as it is by accident as the opening chords of the Hammond organ recall Jim Morrison and the Doors more than anything else.

This goes for the entire album, the vintage doom rock they started out in in the footsteps of Jex Thoth and Blood Ceremony has since then shifted to a sound that is firmly rooted  in the sixties pop rock with the likes of Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and Shocking Blue as prime inspiration. This has resulted in short ,crisp songs that bring back some of the fire that was lost on their latest records. The last song with a lazy Janis Joplin like blues vibe is an exception to that newfound  conciseness, nevertheless it ends the album on an equally high note.


1. Death is the Doors

2. Shining

3. Your  Exploding Heads    

4. You and Eyes        

5. Radio Aquarius     

6. Return to Hallucinate

7. Here Comes the Rainbow Mouth

8. Minotaure

9. Anyway the Minds Flow


Label: Svart





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