As early as 1993 the Dutch metal scene was enriched by their own version of Bethlehem and Shining.

Under the moniker of Deinonychus, Marko Kehren started his own project that combined a feeling of utter despair usually reserved for funeral doom with the bleakest misanthropy of black metal. Although he remained mostly an underground cult phenomenon he would record a score of highly acclaimed albums and even joined Bethlehem in 1996 for a brief stint as vocalist, all the while continuing his miserable path with Deinonychus. In case you’re wondering,  the name is not derived from some geriatric old monk, but is actually a particularly nasty dinosaur cousin of the velociraptor. The band called it quits after 2008 with ‘War Macines’ as the final nail in their coffin, until now. Mark has brought together a new band  with  Steven Wolz who actually also served in Bethlehem for some time and on keys none other than Markus Stock from Empyrium and the Vision Bleak who also produced the record. As you can guess from the title, the past decade has done little to improve Marko’s vision of the world.


1. Life Taker

2. For This I Silence You

3. The Weak Have Taken The Earth 

4. Buried Under the Frangipanis

5. Dead Horse

6. Dusk

7. There is no Eden

8. Silhouette

Label: My Kingdom Music




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