After a modest 7” release Georgia based black metal outfit Cloak caught the attention of Season of Mist for their debut album.

The two tracks from that single are repeated here early on in the record, complemented by a range of other tracks that stand testimony that their self-titled EP was not a lucky one off fluke but rather a clear signal of this band’s potential. Cloadk might sound like familiar USBM at first, repeated listens will reveal a penchant for Sweden’ s svart coated strain and even a nod towards the old classics of rock.


1. To Venomous Depths / Where No Light Shines

2. Within the Timeless Black

3. The Hunger

4. Beyond the Veil

5. Death Posture

6. In the Darkness, the Path

7. Forever Burned

8. Passage

9. Deep Red

Label: Season of Mist





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