Within rock music Iceland has a long tradition of birthing artists that have a unique vision on making atmospheric music.

From Björk over Sigur Ros to Solstafir, the sparsely populated island has proven time and time again its uncouth natural beauty is resplendent even in their native art. Somewhat less known is its burgeoning black metal seen that has spawned the likes of Svartidaudi and Misthyrming. Audn finds itself somewhere in between: while it has both feet firmly planted on the left hand path, it does so in a much more measured way than  their feral brethren with a spacious sound that leaves more than enough breathing room for melody to emerge amidst the soundscapes that mirror the unforgiving badlands of their home.


1. Veröld Hulin

2. Lífvana Jör  

3. Haldreipi Hugans 

4. Prísund 

5. Ljósaslæður

6. Blóðrauð Sól 

7. Eilífar Nætur 

8. Skuggar

9. Í Hálmstráið Held


Label: Season of Mist



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