With a wonderful tribute to Black Sabbath in the title the Wizard kicks off its ninth full length.

Although the previous record saw the return of original drummer Mark Greening, he soon again left shortly after  ‘Time to Die’ was released and was replaced by Clayton Burgess from the equally bizarre Satan’s Satyrs. The overt Sabbath innuendo does not appear just by chance, the six songs that make up this album are about as close and obvious a worship to the altar of Iommi and Butler as the Wizard has ever got. It’s a very spontaneous work that seemingly could have been conjured up  out of some smoky haze during a jam session they had to work in the new guy, where they were listening to some old vinyl on the way to the rehearsal room , were still in the groove and then decided to just roll with it. A few  hours later they had ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ canned and put to tape. Although that’s probably not what really happened it does actually sound as easy and laidback as that.


1. See You in Hell

2. Necromania

3. Hear the Sirens Scream     

4. The Reaper

5. Wicked Caresses   

6. Mourning of the Magicians


Label: Spinefarm




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