Doom can be heartfelt and bleak, sometimes even romantic or beautiful, but only Primitive Man can make that beauty sound truly ugly.

The noisy sludgefest that this trio from Denver delivers is so heavy and foul that is defies belief.  Despite an impressive number of splits and EPs, ‘Caustic’ is actually only their second full length resulting in 12 sadistically outstretched tracks of utter misanthropghy. Anyone who might have some lingering hope that he world might just still turn out ok, should definitely avoid this record.






1. My Will

2. Victim

3. Caustic

4. Commerce

5. Tepid

6. Ash

7. Sterility

8. Sugar Hole

9. The Weight

10. Disfigured

11. Inevitable

12. Absolutes

Label: Relapse



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