TalesOfGaiaHypernova.pngA mysterious tone awakens. It opens the magical world you’re about to enter. The instrumental interlude ‘Prelude to Salvation’ sets the tone for the first album of the power metal band Tales of Gaia.

The album is very magical and dreamy. Sometimes it sounds a bit too magical though. Then the question arises: How does something sound too magical? Do you know the feeling when you want to do something so well and you want to be sure you make no mistakes, but then because you want it to be so perfect, it’s a bit too perfect. Combine this with powerful riffs and absolute drumming skills and that summarizes the album musically. 
The vocals are very specific on this album. Vocalist Nestor Catala has a high pitch voice with absolutely no mistakes. It is however, a voice you’ll need to listen to a few times before you get comfortable with it. Then again, Nestors voice is also what makes this album, and maybe even this band, unique.

Conclusion: a good album to listen to if you like classic power metal riffs with a special touch. Also, you definitely have to believe in unicorns.



  1. Prelude to Salvation
  2. Keep the Dream Alive
  3. Soldiers of Light
  4. Hyperspace
  5. City of Dreams
  6. My Right to Live
  7. Kneights of Heidelberg
  8. Wings of Fire
  9. A Thousand Miles Away
  10. Flamma Ardet
  11. Black Symphony (Bonus)
  12. Black Standards (Bonus) 

Label: Fighter Records







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