BonehunterSexualPanicHumanMachine.pngThe title of Bonehunters second full length album is pretty self-explanatory. The band makes Devil metal punk and that’s the power they slay the world with. Fast and simple riffs combined with the screams of lead singer ‘Satanarchist' makes this album a real, sexually overloaded, trash metal album. 

The album cover is a perfect summary of the content. It shows a human-wolf hybrid in a incubation tank with a huge boner. Scientist with gas masks and skeletons surrounding the tank. I bet the hybrid was being forced to listen to this album and thats why he looks the way he looks.

Conclusion: a simple but outstanding album in it’s genre with a sense of humor.


  1. Intro (Awaken the Machine…)
  2. Enter the Satan’s Dimension
  3. Digital Evil
  4. Electric Nightmare
  5. Doom Desire
  6. Devil Science
  7. Specter of Sex Vengeance 
  8. Substance Creator
  9. Sexual Panic Human Machine

Label: Hells Headbangers Record  


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