Bell Witch’s sophomore album ‘Four Phantoms’ turned out not only to be one of the finest record to see the light of day in 2015, it can rightly be regarded as a modern classic in funeral doom.

This status was only solidified by their revered appearance at the renowned Roadburn festival. How do you follow up then on a near perfect doom album? The answer has come as ‘Mirror Reaper’, an album consisting of one massive song that spans more than seventy minutes. While it is not the first doom band to attempt such an endeavor, treading in the footsteps Sleep’s Jerusalem or the French Monolithe remains an ambitious plan. The average listener usually doesn’t have an attention span beyond a three minute pop song so a 70 minute plus would seem almost like Don Quichote fighting the windmills. Never the less Bell with pull it off. Obviously, it takes a certain kind of mindset in these hurried times to fully appreciate music that unfolds in such a patient way, but those who can muster the courage will discover a work of cinematic scope


1. Mirror Reaper

Label: Profound Lore



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