A new Enslaved album is always a reason to rejoice.

As pioneers of the so called Viking metal genre they’ve upheld the banner for epic metal since the early nineties. Gradually they sailed off to new musical lands  to plant their blackened roots in more progressive pastures. Compared to say other Viking brethren whose  main goal in life is drinking mead with  Thor and a pair of fair walkyrie in Walhalla, enslaved is truly a herald of the thinking man’s metal, using Norse mythology to craft intricate songs  that baffle both your neck vertebrae as your mind. It starts out very cinematic on ‘Storm Son’ and then gently builds up to the  familiar storm these Norsemen are known to unleash. Once m re, the Northwind speeds them onwards towards new lands like with the Oriental accents on ‘Sacred Horse’ or the slow burning closer ‘Hiindsiight, that constantly gets tricked by a jazzy saxophone as if it were played by Loki himself.


1. Storm Son

2. The River's Mouth

3. Sacred Horse

4. Axis Of The Worlds

5. Feathers Of Eolh

6. Hiindsiight

Label: Nuclear Blast







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