For the eleventh time Belphegor has invoked  the forces of magick and death.

For many years now this brutal  Teutonic triumvirate has been a consistent staple of solid black death  that is not only heavy on the all-out satanic dread but is equally heavy on its capability to write memorable and powerful songs.  The artwork is once again handled by Seth whose morbid paintings have become as iconic for the band as their songs. Contrary to Seth’s own band Septic Flesh , Belphegor has a very stripped down sound ,without any orchestral arrangement, and instead relies solely on the strength of their brutal melodies. The small horror film fragments are a nice embellishment on the intros, but generally ‘Totenritual’ gives  the stage fully to its mighty riffs as its  lift the veil of death itself with a thunderous roar.


1. Baphomet

2. The Devil's Son

3. Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs

4. Apophis - Black Dragon

5. Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration

6. Totenbeschwörer

7. Spell Of Reflection

8. Embracing A Star

9. Totenritual

Label: Nuclear Blast



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