Some people stuck in the nineties might still cling to the idea that Channel Zero is Belgium’s biggest name in metal.

Those with their ears screwed on right, however, know that this was two decades ago and that have been trumped by the next generation for some time now. On the leftfield of the spectrum you have bands like Amenra and on the side that is more accessible to a wider audience, Diablo Boulevard sits firmly on the throne. Alex Agnew and co have been riding a roller coaster that has taking them higher and higher up.  They even signed to Nuclear Blast shortly after releasing their previous album ‘Follow the Deadlights’ with ‘Zero Hour’ as their most recent trophy. Agnew has already proven himself to be an outstanding, versatile vocalist that somehow distills the best out of Danzig , Peter Steel and Keith Caputo.  The powerhouse riffs from Beckers and Bekaert are mighty strongholds that even an undead dragon from beyond the Wall could not topple. Winter is not coming anymore, Zero Hour is here.


                      1. Animal

2. Sing From The Gallows

3. Life Amounts To Nothing

4. God In The Machine

5. You Are All You Love

6. The Song Is Over

7. 00 00

8. Like Rats

9. Demonize

10. The Future Will Do What It's Told

11. Summer Has Gone

Label: Nuclear Blast




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