In October of last year Blues Pills played a sold out show at Le Trianon in Paris.

This release is a recording of that show. Even though fans who bought the milited ediotion of their previous albums actually already got some live footage as an extra, this effort is a lot more atmospheric and professional outing. It takes the best bits from both albums starting out with a fired up version of ‘Lady in Gold’ and not forgetting fan favorites like ‘Devil Man’ or ‘High Class Worman’ Fronltlady elin Larrson is very much high class and carries her vintage rock n’ roll band with ease throughout these dozen or so tracks.  Blues Pills are band that you’ll enjoy best when you actually see them on stage, but this comes nicely close.


1. Lady In Gold

2. Little Boy Preacher

3. Bad Talkers

4. Won't Go Back

5. Black Smoke

6. Bliss

7. Little Sun

8. Elements And Things

9. You Gotta Try

10. High Class Woman

11. Ain't No Change

12. Devil Man

13. I Felt a Change

14. Rejection

15. Gone So Long

Label: Nuclear Blast




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