It was just a matter of time before Prophecy would pick up on Soror Dolorosa.

Frontman Andy Julia is a longtime friend from his newfound lablmates in Alcest, Les Discrets and Lantlos. You can also hear echoes of especially those first 2 bands in their music. Their primary influence , however , is the golden age of new wave in the Eighties. Particularly, gothic rock bands like the Fields of The Nephilim ,The Sisters of Mercy and  The Cult and to a lesser extent Joy Division. ‘Apollo’ is their fourth full length album and  should be able to entice anyone who also was enamored by for instance The Wounded’s recent comeback album. A new wave for new wave.


1.      Apollo

2.      Locksley Hall

3.      That Run

4.      Everyway

5.      Night is Our Hollow

6.      Aznother Life

7.      Breezed Blue

8.      Yata

9.      The End

10.  Long Way Home

11.  A Meeting

12.  Deposit Material

13.  Golden snake

14.  Epilogue



Label: Prophecy




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