AlazkaPhoenix.png‘Echoes’.. Surrounding sounds of clean guitar and, as the song title says, echoing sounds. You hear a voice that could be an instrument, or vice versa. A very trance state song that goes fluently into ‘Ghost’ that for the first seconds continues the theme of ‘Echoes’. Then the electric guitar and scream voice of lead singer Tobias Riche kicks in. ‘Can we start again’? 

This debut album of the renamed Alazka is strong. At first it sounds kinda negative, but when you’ll give it a better listen you’ll find out that it is indeed about the downs in life, but about the positive downs. If that makes sense. These moments are a part of life, a part of every human. Every human experiences something different and therefore is unique. A very important thing to remember. 
The cover of the album shows burnt roses that are still burning. Remember the ‘still burning’ part. It’s not because something is burnt, that it’s dead forever. That’s the essence of this album and that’s also why the album is called ‘Phoenix’. A Phoenix is a huge, immortal, bird made out of fire. For the band, the fire of the bird resembles going through fire or going through the downs in life. A beautiful way to summarize the album in one picture. 

An emotional metalcore album that mixes clean vocals and screams at the exact right moment where you want it to hit you. It kinda gets you in a daze until the album finishes. Then you wake up and for some reason you start to think about things you’ve done in the past. It’s not all bad you know… Amazing job. 



  1. Echoes
  2. Ghost
  3. Empty Throne
  4. The Witness
  5. Everglow
  6. Ash
  7. Phoenix
  8. Everything
  9. Hearts of Gold
  10. Legacy
  11. Blossom
  12. Fading Flame


Label: Arising Empire 


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