Profetus.jpg‘To Open the Passages in Dusk’ and ‘As All Seasons Die’ have been heralded a modern classics of Finish funeral doom.

These were, however, not the first recordings by Profetus. A few years efore that they had released a difficult to find debut album ‘Coronation of the Black Sun’ and the ‘Saturnine’ demo tape. These recordings are now collected together with an extra live track from 2015.The songs have all been remastered, which takes away some of the rough edges of the original and are highly recommendable examples of mournful, slow doom which prove that even from the very first demo, it was prophesized that Profetus would become the single most interesting new band to come out of the Finish funeral scene in the last decade. The initial artwork did not exactly do justice to the music; something that has been rectified now with this new gloomy cover. The one truly new track is kept until in end in the guise of a stunning live rendition of ‘Blood of Saturn’ that in fact trumps the original recording.  I’m really glad that newfound fans of the band will now finally get the chance to hear these great songs.


1.      Skull of Silence

2.      The Eye of Phosphoros

3.      Coalescence of Ashen Wings

4.      Blood of Saturn

5.      Saturnine Night

6.      Winter Solstice

7.      Blood of Saturn (Kuopio live)


Label: Weird Truth Productions


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