ThyArtIsMurderDearDesolation.pngTaking a break to find yourself proves to work well for lead singer Chris McMahon. He wanted to get his life back on track and spend more time with his family. Coming back as a stronger man, or at least the album sounds like he’s a stronger man, he returns to Thy Art is Murder.

This album has a heavier touch to it. Not necessarily heavier in style of music, but in the feelings it brings across. These feelings are black, pitch black. Almost like a thick substance that’s being dropped on you and you have to figure out a way to deal with it. Only you can do that. Friends are not always there to help you. As previous albums used to put more interest in the environment around the person, the songs on this album are more focussed on the person itself. Maybe that’s something Chis McMahon found out during his break, you can not always blame things around you for what you are doing. An album that tosses feelings at you and leaves you there with them. An album that tells you to solve things yourself and make your own choices. 



01. Slaves Beyond Death
02. The Son Of Misery
03. Puppet Master
04. Dear Desolation
05. Death Dealer
06. Man Is The Enemy
07. The Skin Of The Serpent
08. Fire In The Sky
09. Into Chaos We Climb
10. The Final Curtain  

Label: Nuclear Blast


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