KorpiklaaniLiveAtMastersOfRock.pngWatch and hear Korpiklaani being Korpiklaani with their first live DVD/CD. It focuses on their 2016 live set at Masters of Rock in Germany, but also their 2014 set at the MAR festival in Czech Republic is featured on this album.

This album is as real as it can get. There are no backing tracks or other sounds added to the sounds you hear on the album. It’s pure. Every little detail that happened then and there is recored and shared world wide. A nice memory for the people that have seen the shows. A cool discovery for the people who haven’t heard or seen it yet. 
Korpiklaani is always said to throw the biggest party’s in the folk/metal genre. But for some reason their studio albums cause more moshing than their live performances. It feels like they’re focussed to much on the music and forget the entertainment some time. Sure, it’s Korpiklaani and Korpiklaani will always be Korpiklaani. I mean, they make party folk/metal with their favorite drinks involved, but nothing extra. As it's their first live DVD/CD, that extra thing misses where it was expected to be. 
It’s a cool item and nice to listen to, but this album does not want to make you grab your bags and see them live yourself. 



Masters of Rock 2016:
01. Intro (Tanhuvaara)
02. Tuonelan tuvilla
03. Ruumiinmultaa
04. Metsaemies
05. Kantaiso
06. Juodaan viinaa
07. Petoelaeimen kuola
08. Sumussa haemaeraen aamun 
09. Vaarinpolkka
10. Kultanainen
11. Uniaika
12. Louhen yhdeksaes poika 
13. Kipumylly v 2
13. Uni
14. Vodka
15. Ievan polkka
16. Rauta
17. Wooden pints
18. Pellonpekko
19. Happy little boozer

MAR festival 2014:
20. Intro (Tanhuvaara)
21. A man with a plan
22. Journey man
23. Pilli on pajusta tehty
24. Eraemaan aaerjyt
25. Lempo
26. Sahti
27. Ruumiinmultaa
28. Vaarinpolkka
29. Viima
30. Metsaemies
31. Kultanainen
33. Aemmaenhauta
34. Rauta
35. Kylaestae kevaeinen kehto
36. Wooden pints
37. Vodka
38. Beer beer 

Label: Nuclear Blast




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