Every generation at some point rediscovers progressive rocks and works its way back to its early roots.

In this case it involves a set of five young musicians from Leeds, who together from the prog rock powerhouse Koyo. They remind of the Pink Floyd records from the seventies, the pioneering shoegaze of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine from the eighties or even a bit of Radiohead. They’ve picked up quite some luggage on their musical journey back in time, yet ever remain fragile and introspective. ’What is Mine’, for instance could as well be a lost Agnes Obel song. A bit closer to home: their self- titled debut should have no problem appealing to fans of the last 2 Alcest albums, Anathema or Opeth’s recent progfests.


1.      Strange Bird in the Sky

2.      Jettisoned

3.      The Beauty in Loneliness

4.      Lost in the Kingdom

5.      Jouska

6.      Ray of Sunshine

7.      What is Mine

8.      Now I Understand

9.      Tetrachromat Pts. 1 & 2

10.  Release


Label: 88 Watt Records








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