As you might already have suspected this is not  Uncle Acid’s new album.

It is in fact a resissue of  frontman Kevin Starr’s very first recordings. Way back in 2010 there were just 30 CD-Rs made of that record and it took some time to get even those sold. Things have changed for Uncle & his cohorts  since then for right now there really is an audience that’s open to their vintage psychedelic glam musings. The original recordings were not exactly professional to say the least and have been cleaned up a little bit, but not too much as that naïve spontaneity is part of the charm of such early ventures. The quality of the songs itself, however is remarkably good and proves that for the most part the sound they exhibited on ‘Blood Lust’ and ‘The Nightcreeper’ was developed early on already.



1. Crystal Spiders

2. Witches Garden

3. Dead Eyes of London

4. Lonely and Strange

5. Vampire Circus

6. Do What Your Love Tells You

7. I Don’t Know

8.Wind Up Toys


Label: Rise Above






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