Urarv translation from the Norse language as Ancient Heritage.

Now from that moniker and the cover you might suspect ‘Aurum’ to be some Wardruna like folk experiment or at least some good old Amon Amarth style Viking metal. Alas, you can put your horns back where they were as this project is spearheaded by Bjørn Dencker Gjerde, also known as Aldrahn, the creative mind behind DHG and The Deathtrip. So nothing will be as it seems. In fact, originally Urarvas was conceived to be really folk inspired but in the labyrinthine synapses of Aldrahn it has mutated to something altogether different. At its base you can find traces of Norwegian black metal which is then vigorously mistreated through insane vocals that sound like they were recorded by one of the simian characters from Planet of the Apes. It’s a daring record that somehow even reminds me of my old Christian Death LPs, but I wonder if even dyed in the wool DHG fans are going to get this…


1.      Forvitringstid

2.      Ancient DNA

3.      The Retortion

4.      Broken Wand

5.      Guru

6.      Valens Tempel

7.      Fancy Daggers

8.      Red Circle


Label: Svart




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