Usnea belongs to a new generation of extreme doom bands that have come in the wake of veteran acts like Morgion, Evoken or Loss.

Their 2014 debut for Relapse ‘Random Acts of Cosmic Violence’ was promising, but it struggled at times to keep its disparate influences together in a cohesive way across vast outstretched compositions. This year’s follow up ‘Portals of Futility’ sees the band significantly increase their craftsmanship with far better songs as a result. They haven’t fiddled around too much with their formula, but rather tweaked it here and there. For instance the sludge riddles shrieks have been downsized somewhat in favor of more Bell Witch like clean vocals and deep grunts. I ended my review of their previous record with the hope that with time they would grow into a really interesting act that could stand shoulder to shoulder with say Inter Arma and it looks like they have done just that.


1.      Eidolons and the Increate

2.      Lathe of Heaven

3.      Demon Haunted World

4.      Pyrrhic victory

5.      A Crown of Desolation


Label: Relapse



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