After some obscure singles and the acoustic live album ‘ Mausoleum’, Mareridt is Myrkur’s true follow up to her debut record’M’.

‘Mareridt’ which translates as ‘nightmare’, is supposedly inspired by the nightmares that plagued composer Amelie Bruun following her exhaustive artistic schedule of the past 2 years. That alone should again give rise to sufficient controversy for those who are a bit skeptical towards the authenticity of her self-referential musical catharsis. Let’s leave the speculation to bloggers with too much time on their hands and concentrate on the album itself. Myrkur’s sophomore record, is a far more mature effort than ‘M’ that strikes a better balance between light and dark, between her folky Third & the Mortal medieval style compositions and the True Norwegian black metal outbursts. Where before they seemed to be fighting each other for attention, they serve each other now, one reinforcing the other hand in hand, rather than struggling for their spot in the limelight. In a another remarkable collaboration Amelie has teamed up with Chelsea Wolfe for a match made in Svartheim itself. There will always be those who feel she has no business meddling with the devil’s music, but for my part she has found a unique view on the genre that is entirely her own.


1. Mareridt

2. Maaneblot

3. The Serpent

4. Crown

5. Elleskudt

6. De Tre Prediker

7. Funeral

8. Ulvinde

9. Gladiatrix

10. Kaetteren

11. Boernehjem


Label: Relapse



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