AccectRiseOfChaos.png  ‘The Rise of Chaos’ single was released on June 28, 2017. Receiving lots of positive reactions and leaving fans moshing in their rooms for a bit longer then a month until the full album was released on August 4.

This album is a classic Accept album. Full of heavy riffs and fast solo’s. The voice of lead singer Mark Tornillo slices through every song and gives you the recognizable Accept sound. Often is said that Mark looks like Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and sings like Udo. But overall he has his own sound and on top of that he’s a great frontman.
The people that went to Wacken, the biggest metal festival in the world in Wacken, Germany, got an exclusive preview of the album and were even able to get the album a day before the release date, as Accept played the festival on August 3. Being there myself, I have to say the show was great. New songs of this album were being played, like ‘Die By the Sword’, and ‘Koolaid’.

Definitely pick up this album if you’re a fan of previous Accept stuff. This one will keep you moshing until the next one. Also check out their performance at Wacken if you want to get a glimpse of their awesome performance.



01 Die By the Sword

02 Hole in the Head

03 The Rise of Chaos

04 Koolaid

05 No Regrets

06 Analog Man

07 What’s Done is Done

08 Worlds Colliding

09 Carry the Weight

10 Race to Extinction



Nuclear Blast









Accept at Wacken: 

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