Night_raft_of_the_world.jpgThe most diverse releases pass our desk each week. People like it modern, but every so often you got the people that like it really oldschool. Or should i say old skool.

Night will release their album on september first. And although they place themselves under NWOBHM. The sound of their 3rd release feels much older.

More akin to original heavy metal some would say. Others would name it classic rock 'n roll with sinister lyrics. What ever it is, it will put you in your seat for some easy listening. This is preferably done on a windy evening with a good cup of coffee or some of your favorite alcoholic beverage.
Although this is not my genre at all, i can still enjoy it quite well.

This swedish quarted produces some excellent sound with clean understandible vocals. The musical mastery is very evident. The songs are of rare quality. And that says something in a genre where there is too much going on.  This record is not advisable for people just coming in the metal world, but its a recommendee for seasoned headbangers and old school veterans.


1. Fire Across The Sky
2. Surrender
3. Under The Gallows
4. Omberg
5. Time
6. Strike of Lightning
7. Winds
8. Coin in a Fountain
9. Where Silence Awaits


Label: The Sign Records
Score: 8/10

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