Just to make things a bit confusing there are actually 2 versions of Venom out there currently, kind of like you have with Morbid Angel today.

One the one hand you have Venom with only Cronos left as the original member on bass and vocals. And on the other hand there is the new Venom Inc. with Mantas , Abaddon and Tony Dolan, essentially the 1989-1992 lineup that made ‘Prime Evil’, ‘Temples of Ice’ and ‘The Waste Lands’. Venom Inc. started out as M-Pire of Evil with just Dolan and Mantas but they changed to the new moniker after Abaddon once again took his rightful place in behind the drumkit. ‘Avé’ sounds like you hope it would from the band who invented to original black metal template: no frills old school proto thrash metal but with a decent, modern production that gives some tracks like the single ‘Dein Fleish’ an almost Rammstein like sheen, but it’s only superficial coating. Underneath it’s still primal, raw and written to make any German metal festival go apeshit. Amen.


1.Ave Satanas

2.Forged in Hell        

3.Metal We Bleed     

4.Dein Fleisch

5.Blood Stained        

6.Time to Die 

7.The Evil Dead        

8.Preacher Man         


10.I Kneel to No God           

11.Black n' Roll

Label: Nuclear Blast



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