Leprous has been one of the most surprising & satisfying progressive metal acts in the past few years.

Whereas progmetal acts often try to overcomplicate their compositions and outshine their fellow colleagues with intricate technical bravado, Leprous make it all sound so simple. In fact, you won’t even be aware that you are listening to prog at all. While their earlier works still had a penchant for angular arrangements not unlike Voivod or Opeth,  ever since ‘Coal’ and specifically 2015’s ‘The Congregation’, Leprous somehow manages to turn prog into easy listening and I really mean that as a compliment. Their songs flow naturally into one another and even though they cover quite a lot of ground stylistically, far beyond the borders of metal even, they never feel forced or contrived. Einar Solberg’s vocal delivery has also only improved with time. He may have dropped the extreme metal screams of yore for good, his range has opened up so much, even compared to his already impressive performance on the 2 previous albums.  Best prog record of the year?


1.      Bonneville

2.      Stuck

3.      From the Flame

4.      Captive

5.      Illuminate

6.      Leashes

7.      Mirage

8.      Malina

9.      The Weight of disaster

10.  The Last Milestone


Label: Insideout




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