Live Beyond the Spheres’ is a massive collection of live tracks taken from Blind Guardian’s 2015 European tour.

Spread out across three CDs you’ll find 22 tracks that represent both old fan favorites as well as more recent tracks and a couple of unexpected ones. Now you can argue about their choice to pick choice cuts from different show rather than represent1 singular show. In all they recorded no less than 30 concerts in full and they singled out the best performances. Now unless you actually were at the shows you really won’t notice it was assembled Frankenstein wise from different bodies as they’ve gone to great lengths to have the songs flow smoothly from one to another. And it must be said Kürsch and co give a stellar performance on each of the chosen cuts making this an ideal keepsake regardless whether you were at one of the shows or not or even as an introduction to the band because short of actually seeing them, you won’t find them sounding  more vibrant and alive anywhere else, not even in the studio.


            1. The Ninth Wave

2. Banish From Sanctuary

3. Nightfall

4. Prophecies

5. Tanelorn

6. The Last Candle

7. And Then There Was Silence

8. The Lord Of The Rings

9. Fly

10. Bright Eyes

11. Lost In The Twilight Hall

12. Imaginations From The Other Side

13. Into The Storm

14. Twilight Of The Gods

15. A Past And Future Secret

16. And The Story Ends

17. Sacred Worlds

18. The Bard's Song

19. Valhalla

20. Wheel Of Time

21. Majesty

22. Mirror Mirror

Label: Nuclear Blast



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