Posion Blood is the result of a collaboration between Horseback’s Jenks Miller and Neil Jameson from USBM veterans Krieg.

Apparently it came forth out of their mutual appreciation for Beherit’s ‘Drawing Down the Moon’, a classic record from the then nascent Finnish black metal scene of the early nineties. Although nowhere nearly as primitive as that primordial slab of silver, this self-titled EP is a far cry from Horseback’s usual sophisticated and layered drone musings. Jameson or Imperial as he was once known is one of the finest vocalists in black metal today and his delivery is again insanely full of bile. With a mere nineteen minutes to this EP, the duo doesn’t take much time for slow buildups, but harks its way through eight raw, unpolished, mid paced homages to the old Finnish style with an American twist. Let’s hope it doesn’t just stop with this EP, but is just only the beginning …


1.      The Scourge and the Gestalt

2.      Deformed Lights

3.      Myths from the Desert

4.      A Cracked and Desolate Sky

5.      The Flower of Serpents

6.      Shelter Beneath the Sea

7.      From the Lash

8.      Circles of Salt


Label: Relapse




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