Since a couple of years now a whole new generation of musicians is rediscovering the original shoegaze acts from the eighties like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.

Just take a look for instance at bands like Alcest of Les Discrets. Cloakroom can be counted among those. Inspired by the vast, outstretched landscapes of their home of Indiana they write songs that are both expansive and evocative of their surroundings as introspective and intimate, revealing a little bit of their own universe, hidden away in the cloackroom of their own thoughts. ‘Time well’ is their sophomore record and a collection of fine indierock where the guitars can screech, crush and soothe at the same time.


1.      Gone but not entirely

2.      Big World

3.      Concrete Gallery

4.      Seedless Star

5.      Sickle Moon Blues

6.      Hymnal

7.      The Sun Won’t Let Us Go

8.      Time Well

9.      52 Hz Whale

10.  The Passenger


Label: Relapse



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