Are you morbid?

This Finnish trio is, in any case. With Keijo Niinimaa from grindcore bastards Rotten Sound at the helm, this band goes in the completely other direction with the heaviest doom death sludge this side of Primitive Man. Each song drags itself along as if it needs to carry all the members of Crowbar on its back. The debut ‘In Hate with the Burning World’ was already one mofo of a sludgefest , but their sophomore effort slows things down so much it almost becomes some sort of drone version of grind. Can’t say I care too much for the expressionist cover art, but nothing wrong whatsoever with these six slabs of vile sonic murk.


1.      Case I: Murder

2.      Case II: Dead Weight

3.      Case III: Evaporate

4.      Case IV:Tumur

5.      Case V: Death Breath

6.      Case VI: Abacinated

Label: Svart



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